What I’m Playing:

Hey guys, In the last few weeks, I’ve had my head stuck in a few games 24/7 (besides work, sleep, school and continuous doctor appointments… so maybe like 4 hours at the most). Here they are: Horizon Zero Dawn The Last Guardian Β ReCore What I WANT to play, on top of the above though consists … More What I’m Playing:

Animator & Animation

Throughout my childhood and most probably your own I was infatuated with movies, most specifically animated movies. Let’s be real for a moment, who isn’t? My love started with ‘Beauty and the Beast’, to us today the type of animation it is, is known as traditional animation (A.K.A cellbased) Β from then on I was hooked. … More Animator & Animation

Game Haul?

Hey guys, Holidays are over and I’m back at school, I can’t believe I’m now in my senior year! Fudge. Anyway over the past 2 weeks I’ve bought 5 games and heading out this afternoon after class to probably buy more. I picked up Destiny, Ratchet and Clank and Fallout 4 all on PS4. I … More Game Haul?

Finally Over

Hey guys, So here’s an update, Exams are finally over, I’m one week into my school holidays, (I have a two week break) and then I start my final year of school. I am now officially a senior. Fuck I’ve recently have also got a job, for those of you wondering, I work at a … More Finally Over


Hey hey, I have exams this week and then I start my HSC prep, for those of you who aren’t Australian, HSC is a high school certificate, simply put, its our final exams of school and we take them at the end and the score, known as the ATAR, of these test decided whether we … More Exams