What I’m Playing:

Hey guys, In the last few weeks, I’ve had my head stuck in a few games 24/7 (besides work, sleep, school and continuous doctor appointments… so maybe like 4 hours at the most). Here they are: Horizon Zero Dawn The Last Guardian  ReCore What I WANT to play, on top of the above though consists … More What I’m Playing:

Animator & Animation

Throughout my childhood and most probably your own I was infatuated with movies, most specifically animated movies. Let’s be real for a moment, who isn’t? My love started with ‘Beauty and the Beast’, to us today the type of animation it is, is known as traditional animation (A.K.A cellbased)  from then on I was hooked. … More Animator & Animation

Game Haul?

Hey guys, Holidays are over and I’m back at school, I can’t believe I’m now in my senior year! Fudge. Anyway over the past 2 weeks I’ve bought 5 games and heading out this afternoon after class to probably buy more. I picked up Destiny, Ratchet and Clank and Fallout 4 all on PS4. I … More Game Haul?